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Without a firm beginning, there can be no ending...

   It is important to remember that creating a term paper successfully involves
a process similar to following a complex recipe. Key ingredients are not only
essential; they are necessary if the student expects to complete the process.
If one or more ingredients are missing, it becomes almost impossible to see
the term paper through to its final stages. What students of this latter
group generally seem to lack--is research & organization. In a rush to get
started, they forget to brainstorm, they shun the idea of drafting an
outline, and ultimately, they fail to find sufficient research to fill the
requisite number of pages. Because these students do not first conceive that
which they intend to achieve, they lose their sense of direction.. and they
find themselves on-line late at night..struggling in vain to find additional
research...midway through the term paper writing process... THAT'S where
PaperTutors comes to the rescue..once again!

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